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    Malibeni youth centre in Swaziland

    Swaziland, a small, landlocked monarchy in southern Africa, is known for its wilderness reserves and festivals showcasing traditional Swazi culture. Marking its northeastern border with Mozambique and stretching down to South Africa, the Lebombo Mountains are a backdrop for Mlawula Nature Reserve’s many hiking trails. Nearby Hlane Royal National Park is home to diverse wildlife including lions, hippos and elephants.

    The population is primarily ethnic Swazis whose language is Swati. The country is an absolute monarchy, ruled by Ngwenyama ("King") Mswati III since 1986 Swaziland is a developing country with a small economy. Swaziland has a land area of 17,364 km2. 

    To know more about Swaziland visit; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swaziland

    • Currencies:

      • Swazi lilangeni

      • South African Rand

    • Capitals:

      • Mbabane

      • Lobamba

    • King:

      • Mswati III

    The Project site in Swaziland

    The project is in the Northen part of Swaziland by the Mananga border gate to South Africa. Gps coordinates are 25°55'11.3"S 31°43'29.3"E

    Most roads are just hardened areas, where traffic has compacted the area over time.

    Journeys were bumpy, dusty and jolly good fun!

    It is in the rural area (country site) where there are no tarmac roads, and most families do not own a car, do not have electricity and they walk over half an hour to the nearest bus stop if they need to go anywhere. Some kids walk over half an hour to and from school every weekday. This project is going to help a lot of Swazi's of the Malibeni community and neighbouring communities get most of what they need closer to home.



    We strive to give the young people equal opportunities to become better citizens of the world. By helping the young people we are creating a BETTER WORLD


    Our mission

    Provide opportunities for the development of young people so that they can achieve their full PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL POTENTIALS.