2565, Matsapha, M202 Swaziland

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    We intend to have a couple of structures big enough to accommodate different rooms in different sizes according to use and need. We plan for it to have these rooms below:

    Kitchen – it is our wish that we move the Gogo Centre into the Centre, enabling it to be in a much safer, reliable and convenient allocation, thus helping the children to benefit from all the planned curriculum. Furthermore, this kitchen will help in catering for functions to be held in the Centre which will include community meetings and conferences etc.


    Classroom – the classroom will be used as a class as per its name reflects. The children from the Gogo Centre will use it as a preparatory, allowing them to be ready for school and learn more about culture, life skills and what responsibility means, to name but a few. A part of it could be used by the youth itself for vocational training and other functions that could be useful and advisory to them. More attention will be paid to what they want or need too, because it is them that feel the pressure of some needs we may have not thought of.


    Computer room – an internet café with computer lessons would be a benefit to both the children and the youth as we all know that nowadays computer literacy is a necessity. We all know that from the somewhat rural areas it is not easy to get access to such facilities but in Malibeni we can. The community can also have access at a little fee.



    Game room – this will be a facility used for the beneficiaries to have fun, play and keep busy at the same time saving them from jeopardy which can burst forth at any given opportunity if found at the wrong places and at the wrong time. Time spent in the game room will be a time well spent and essential for their benefit.


    Office -  the office will be for running the day to day fundamentals of the Centre



    Conference room – this will be used for community meetings, youth conferences etc.


    Library - with the help of individuals and some organizations we intend to make a collection of books for the beneficiaries. This room will be used to store the books in order and at the same time teach them how a library works. Who knows some may get interest in the profession.


    Outer infrastructure/gymnasium

    1. Tennis and basketball court, boxing round, martial arts and other facilities. 

    2. Football pitch


    A vegetable garden and maybe some land turned into farming land to raise more revenue for the project.


    How to achieve this project?

    Get local and international funders with the help of Swaziland National Youth Council, The Scouts Association and other youth clubs, our chieftaincy, Member of Parliament as well as interested donors.